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Punto DiVino
Sendlinger Strasse 62, Munich

Punto DiVino is a wine merchant and caterer with an enormous cellar that is capable of hosting large affairs and various wine events. But my chief interest is the diminutive bistro that sits atop that cellar. Here you find nine tightly-packed high-top tables, a tiny open kitchen, and a convivial crowd that gathers to partake of light Italian-inspired meals and an interesting international selection of vintages by the glass. Because of the restaurant's location, on a quiet street just a few blocks from our hotel, we were able to pass several pleasant late afternoons here, sipping wine, watching the interesting clientele, and just chilling out from a day of sightseeing or shopping.

The blackboard menu is a compact affair, sporting a number of daily specials and some very tempting pasta dishes. But the center of attraction, in my opinion, is the spotless glass case that stands in front of the open kichen, which holds a marvelous selection of antipasti: marinated carrots, potatoes, eggplant & zucchini, an onion, artichoke & red pepper salad, fava beans, sun-dried tomatoes, and assorted mushrooms. There is also a seafood salad containing calamari and octopus, as well as a tuna salad adorned with capers.

The highlight, however, is the veal tenderloin, which is roasted, chilled, sliced, and served with a wonderful sauce containing mayo, puréed oil-packed tuna, and a variety of seasonings.

A small plate containing vegetables only is 6,00€; the large plate goes for 9,00€. If you wish to add the seafood and/or tuna salads and/or the veal, the cost is 7,50€ for a small plate, 10,50€ for a large portion.

As noted above, this is the perfect spot for a casual light lunch or dinner. It is highly recommended on all counts.

The Artful Diner
November 2007

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